How to achieve the perfect dashboard?

“It is not the layout which makes a dashboard PERFECT - it‘s how it helps business to receive fast insights and leads to the right actions“

Understand your stakeholders

Understand your stakeholders, be
empathetic and talk about objectives not metrics/KPI’s.

Define structure and design

Build the Dashboard in the right structure (2/20/200), providing it in the right format with elegance.

Customize the content

There is not the one and only perfect dashboard. Customize it for your audience.

About the perfect dashboard

The idea  for this one pager belongs to a Adobe Summit Breakout Session in 2018. We (Urs Boller and Till Buettner) tried to show a way to create the perfect dashboard. To archive the outcome for the future, this website was born

Let's talk about the perfect dasboard

A walk through the different ingredients for a perfect dashboard


Talk about the business objectives


Understand the needs and pains


How is success defined in business


Do you give direct access or send files


Use a defined structure (2/20/200)


Not <<one size fits all>>, no business is similar


People love explanations

Dashboard Gallery

Your examples of perfect dashboards

The Speaking Dashboard

In Adobe Analytics Workspace you can create dynamic text which describes what happened. It is a table with custom text dynamically explaining your KPI. Don’t believe me? I will show you how you can create Read more…

KPI Summary Table

Are you looking for a great way to show a lot of information in a small table? At the Adobe EMEA Summit in May 2018 I presented a solution to create a summary table in Read more…

Time Parting Heatmap

There are a lot of situation where you have a question like “when does something happen during a week“. One of the most common is the question about “when do we have the most visits” Read more…


As an analyst we are used to work with data every single day. we have no problems “reading” data and understand what they tell us. but is it the same for the stakeholders we send Read more…


Creating a dashboards is always like telling a story to the stakeholder. By adding some charts, tables and other visualization to a dashboard you can guide the reader through the data. Try to arrange the Read more…


One of the big challenges an analyst faces during the work is the overwhelming amount of data each analytics tool collects from the visitors. Even a simple implementation and some traffic on the page can Read more…

Send us your perfect dashboard

If you want to help others with some real life examples, send us your perfect dashboards as screenshot.

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